5 Tips to Help You Keep Your Home Secure

5 Tips to Help You Keep Your Home Secure

July 20, 2016|Posted in: Uncategorized

best securityKeeping your home secure is very important for many reasons. Unfortunately, not many people do that right. Many of them believe that there is a lot of work needed to secure your house properly, and that they have to invest thousands of dollars to achieve the right level of security. That’s only partly right, because there are some tips, which, if followed, can greatly increase the security of your home at a very low cost.

1. Get a dog.
Although this tip may sound a bit off, many people underestimate the value of this true guardian. While not every dog is suitable to keep your house protected from burglars, getting the right dog may not only secure your home but also give you a great friend who will do much more for you than just protect your house. If you don’t want to get a dog, and you live in a house, you can install an “angry dog” warning sign, to scare off people who would potentially target your house.

2. Install alarm system.
Thanks to technological advancement, alarm systems are no longer a luxury of the affluent. Today, almost everyone can afford even the basic alarm system, which may be enough to scare the burglars or at least inform you when there’s something bad happening to your house. If you really can’t afford to get a full-blown system, you can look for fake CCTV cameras and alarms and “install them” on the walls to scare off potential “visitors”.

3. Know your neighbors
Knowing your neighbors is critical for two reasons. One, you will have a better understanding of whom you can trust. Secondly, if you have good relationships with your neighbors, they will care more about your house and can inform you if they notice anything suspicious.

4. If you leave, ask your friends to visit or even stay at your place.
If you are going on holiday, or you are visiting family, and you have to leave your house unoccupied for a few days, it’s best to ask your friends, neighbours, or family to visit it. Ask them to collect mail, water the lawn and do as much as possible so that the house looks as if you were still there. If you can afford, there are certain automation systems which can fake a lot of things such as turning lights on and off when you are not at home.

5. Don’t brag about what you have inside. Even accidentally.
Have you bought a new MacBook? Or maybe you got yourself new TV? Don’t brag about your new staff on social media, destroy the packaging so that people who would potentially watch your house don’t get the idea of what’s inside. It’s best to keep your valuables in secret.

Protecting your house doesn’t have to be very expensive. Sometimes, you can even fool potential burglar that your house is an extremely well-protected fortress not worth the hassle. Of course, it’s best to invest in a genuine home alarm system, but if you can’t afford it, it’s better to pretend than do nothing.