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About Us

Hope Mills NC is located in Cumberland County North Carolina. With a population of nearly 16,000, this small town is the quintessential small southern town. The history of Hope Springs NC begins back in 1766. The town saw action during the revolutionary war and was part of the march for freedom as the colonists broke away from the British crown. With a water source from Lake Hope the town was able to thrive early in American History. Access to water was one of the primary requirements for the success of early settlements. Water provided not only water for drinking, but the ability to grow crops for food, and as a source of food through the abundance of fish and clams found in the area.

Located in the low lands of North Carolina, lumber was abundant in the area. This created one of the first industries as trees were used to build homes and boats as transportation to the ocean, through the tributaries. Lumber mills created jobs which brought in more explorers and settlers. Soon it was discovered that cotton grew well in the lowlands. Cotton mills were able to provide good jobs as the cotton industry boomed. These developments enabled the town to become chartered in 1891.

The town of Hope Mills survived both the revolutionary and the Civil Wars. During the Civil War many of the homes and the cotton mill were burned by General Sherman. This has created a town rich in American History that is enjoyed by visitors even today.

While the town itself is small, they have their own fire and police departments. The town also has parks, walking trails, and tennis courts. There are four major hospitals that are within a close distance of Hope Mills providing top notch medical care for its residents.

The area includes five shopping centers along with a historic downtown area. There are also five elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools in the country. There are over 20 churches which provide a strong sense of community among the local families. Church provides a lot of social interaction and builds friendships, in addition to regular worship services.

While the lumber yards and cotton mills have seen declines in the past two decades, Hope Mills close proximity to 95 has provided a constant flow of visitors, which helps to prop up the economy. The community welcomes visitors and provides food lodging and shopping opportunities to assist travelers on their journey to and from Florida. North Carolina is a great stop which divides travel from the north to the south. These drive through tourists have provided much needed tourism dollars in a community that has suffered with the reduction in use of US agriculture products like cotton.

Hope Mills offers a lot of community activities from chili-cook offs, to parades, and good southern BBQ. Visitors are always welcome to the community activities and it offers visitors with a chance to enjoy what good southern hospitality is all about.