Staying Safe in Hope Mills North Carolina

Staying Safe in Hope Mills North Carolina

March 24, 2014|Posted in: Hope Mills

Charlotte, North Carolina.Hope Mills is one of the safest places in the US to live. The crime rates have remained low and the community cooperates with local police to keep it that way. Being a small town of less than 16,000, the town residents make an effort to get to know each other. Community activities are common and hometown BBQ’s give neighbors a chance to chat and learn about each other.

With most of the neighbors knowing each other, gives them the duty to look out for each other. When we don’t know our neighbors we feel less of an obligation to watch out for each other. When neighbors know who is supposed to be here and who is new, it is easier to reduce crime.

Strangers who come to town quickly become friends as families and neighbors introduce themselves and welcome new comers. They are invited to activities and soon become like family to everyone here. Knowing your neighbors is an important strategy that Hope Mills employs to reduce crime. Purchasing a home security system is not only for security around here but it’s for fire and medical emergency response too. The Locals know that the neighbors are looking out for each other, so even if the owner is gone, everyone is watching. You can never be too safe though, the moment when you start assuming that everything is ok is when something usually happens. Their is a local company who provides information about home security and specializes in independent home security systems reviews. They provide this information free of charge to the residents of Hope Mills, NC.

Second, Hope Mills has a strong police force. The police presence is respected in the community, and the police coordinate with community organizations to teach them how to partner with police. The police attend community meetings and work with the schools so students understand and respect the role police officers play within Hope Mills.Training is offered to address important issues such as domestic violence and other community concerns.

Each neighborhood has neighborhood watch groups. Watch groups meet monthly to discuss any events that have occurred and how the neighbors handled the situation. They also discuss issues that they need to find improvement. When neighborhoods come together and provide support for one another that work with police the crime level become very low. Neighborhood watch groups are a good deterrent to potential criminals because they know everyone is looking out for each other. Neighbors watching out for neighbors is one of the most effective tools to fight neighborhood crime.

Hope Mills offers resources when crimes do occur. Services include things like truancy and rehab services. Services for victims of crime to help them recover from the traumatic events that occurred. Safe places for people to go like a battered women’s shelter or a rape center. There is a strong court system and strong social services system to address any crimes that have occurred.

Youth activities is the other area that the community works with to reduce crime. Providing activities and safe places for children to go reduces the amount of truancy and keeps children focused on being productive. Hope Mills encourages volunteerism as a way for the youth in the community to feel like they are a part of something important. When children do not have hope, and plans for a bright future, they are more likely to misbehave.

Hope Mills NCtakes pride in the low crime rates and in their ability to keep citizens safe. They also understand this safety requires constant vigilance.